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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Something smells fishy

During my vacation I went and visited my friend Carly, she lives in a small fishing town called Eckernforde. It's right near Kiel, and is around a one and a half hour train ride from Hamburg.

The town itself is really nice, well the part I got to see atleast, it's really long so hard to walk and see it all. Carly and I walked into town and grabbed a coffee while walking through the shops, then went and sat down on the beach. Sadly it wasn't exactly beach weather, but it was still a nice enough day to sit down there. After we walked along the port for a bit, it wasn't the nicest smelling walk though, there are boats that sell fresh fish so it stunk a tad bit.

Later that day we went into Kiel to do some shopping, and I finally found a winter jacket to help me last through this weather. It's already there winter weather here, luckily it's not too cold usually around five to ten degrees, but the rain makes it feel a lot worse.

I had a good trip up North it was nice and relaxing, I really love all the small fishing towns though. I think they have been my favorite to see so far, especially the ones along the Baltic Sea.

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