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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fliegen und Bremen

One of the rotary members from my club owns and works at a small airfeild that specializes in glidder planes. At the beginning of the break I was able to go out and actually fly in one of these planes with him. I'm not going to lie I was terrified for this, I can barely handle the little planes that take you from Calgary to Abotsford. However it ended up being really fun, and no where near as bumpy as I thought it would be. This airfeild is right beside the Baltic Sea too, so I got an amazing view of the Sea and beach area. We really lucked out on the weather too, and only had a bit of mist, but still had great clarity to see everything. I think I can officially say I enjoy flying again, well as long as theres no turbulance.
On Monday I went with Karmen and her host mom to the town of Bremen to go shopping, and look at some of the old architecture. Bremen is a beautiful city, it's got a really big mix of old and new architecture all right beside eachother. The town hall was also the only building in Bremen that survived the war, they packed sand all around it to keep it safe. We did take a tour of the city hall, but since it is still in use we were only able to see two of the rooms.
My favorite part of Bremen was a small section that no cars could fit in, and it has random different streets, and pathways.

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