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Monday, May 9, 2011

Paris dans la printemps, c'est un cliché, but I love it!!

During part of my easter vacation I was fortunate enough to get the chance to go visit JP in Paris, and enjoy some beautiful weather. I spent almost a week getting to know his family, and seeing a bit more of Paris. I would probably have to sit here for a few hours if I wanted to write about everything we had done and seen, so I will shorten it up to more of the basics.
My first day we went into Paris in the afternoon and went walking around, he showed me the main mall type places. One was absolutely gorgeous inside, and was probably anyone womans dream shopping; tiffany's, dior, chanel everywhere you looked. After we walked down the Champs Elysees to see L'Arc de Triumph, and walk around that area. After we walked down through one of the most well known parks in Paris; I can't remember the name though, and over top of the Louvre.
My second day we returned to Paris again and went to take some pictures around the eiffel tour, which was absolutely packed with tourist. Then took a boat tour down to Notre Damn, we didn't get to go in that day since the line was so long. We also saw the big modern art museum in that area, and went inside to see some of the displays. It was a really cool building inside and out also, and very colorful.
My third day we went into Paris again to go to Mont Martre and see Sacre Couer, this was probably my favorite area in Paris. It is considered the artist district, so you walk down the streets and see sketch artist everywhere, and many musicians as well. It is one of those areas where you could just sit down at one of the outdoor cafes, and watch people all day.
My fourth day we headed to Disney Land Paris, YAY!! For an 18 year old I think I was a little to excited for this, but it was my first time every going to any Disney Land. That was a really fun day, except we didn't get to do to many rides since the wait for most rides was anywhere from thirty mintues to an hour and a half. It was cool though seeing all the characters, and one of the parades. Sadly I didn't get my picture with Mickey like I wanted.
My last night the whole family and I went into Paris at night to walk around, and have dinner. Paris is a city that just absolutely comes to life at night, and just gets so much prettier. The streets are filled with so many people, and everything is light up, including the eiffel tower.
My last day there also happened to be easter so I was able to have a nice easter lunch with the family before I returned back to Germany. We had a very large almost five course meal I believe, including the typical french cheese. I was also forced to try absolutely everything; wasn't protesting to much, except I think I was full for a full 2 days after.

I had a wonderful trip and it was really nice to see JP again and get to know his family. Also to use my french once again, sadly that took a little longer to get better than I would of liked, but by the end I was comfortable with it. I can't wait to return to Paris again in the future, I believe it is a place I could return to over and over again.

You all have ten fingers? Lets try to keep it that way

Karmen and I were lucky enough to attend a German cooking course with other exchange students, inbound and outbounds. They were all from other organizations so we had a chance to meet more exchange students from other countries, many who had just arrived in Germany.
For the course we learned how to make a typical three course german meal. We made a spring salad with baked mushroms, chicken breats with carrots and chive sauve and fried potatoes, and a type of pancakes with apples for dessert. We also got a german/english cook book to take home, with tons of typical german recipes in it. So now when I come home I can try and cook some of the things that became pretty typical over here for me, which mostly consists of potatoes, and different types of pasteries.
All in all it was a really fun type with some other exchange students, with food flying everywhere, and everyone eating way too much.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Atomkraft? Nein danke

I attended my first demonstartion with my host mom a few weekends ago, it was a small demonstartion as part of the anti nuclear movement throughout Germany.
It was just a small event in our town, I'm not exactly sure you can even call it a protest of demonstartion since it just involved a long line of people through the main street, stepping from the sidewalk into the middle of the road. However it was still fun to see all the people out, many had signs on against the movement, or signs referring to all the distruction the nuclear power plants have caused in Japan. Right now this seems to be a big subject in Germany, or atleast in my area, you see people everywhere with pins, and stickers saying; Atomkraft? Nein danke. Which means nuclear power? No thank you.
Here are some photos from the day, there was a large turn out of over 300 people, which I think is quit a bit for a smaller town.