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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Was that just our train?

This weekend one of the exchange students from further north came to stay with me for the weekend, and on Friday we spent the day in Hamburg with some of the other exchange students. This was defenitely a day of learning about the good and bad of the train system here in Germany. Usually during the week there is a train to my town atleast every hour, well on the weekend it's a bit longer usually between trains. So we spent allot of time waiting around in the McDonalds at the train station, since it was the only warm and comfy place to sit.

On Saturday night we went with my host family to the Jersbek version of Oktober fest, so I can now officially say I've been the a German Oktober fest, sadly it wasn't all I expected it to be. It was still a really fun night, even though we were both dead from the day before.

Sunday we dropped Carly off at the train station than my house father and I headed up to Neumunster to watch Freddy's soccer game, and on the way there we stopped at an animal park to watch a feeding. I'm not going to lie this isn't something I enjoy seeing, I'm not the biggest fan of zoo's, and seeing animals being cagged, but he really enjoyed it so I tagged along.
Now i just have project week left at school, which I have no clue what we do during it, then I have my two week break from school. Since the summer holidays are so short here, we get allot more long breaks inbetween, it's pretty nice, I'm looking forward to it.
Oh and I've now started my German lessons, lets just say they've been interesting, I don't have the best German accent, so everything I saw doesn't make much sense. However I do understand allot more then i did a month ago, which is a relief. Hopefully these lessons will help speed everything up!

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