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Monday, November 15, 2010

Remembrance day

Remembrance day in Canada is a very solemn and formal affair you could say, I always remember it being serious, and sad when we had the ceremonies in school. I believe that for Canadians it's still such a important day for us since we aren't just remembering the soldiers that allowed Canada to be a free land, but those who have died recently as well.
This past weekend I attended the German version of remembrance day, and I was surprised by what i saw. I attended the small ceremony in my town, which usually starts with a church service, then later people can gather infront of the small monument every town has. At this monument a prayer was said some music played, and then a man read some of the names of people who died in the wars from that town. After this there was a small event in the Stadt house, where people stood up and told some stories, then a group from the high school performed a skit of what they think the front line was like for soldiers.
The major difference i noticed between teh Canadian and German remembrance days was that the Canadian one if much bigger and more formal. You see everyone in black, wearing the poppy, remembering family who died, or are across the world fighting. In germany it was more remembering what the country went through during that time. Also it was an older crowd at the event, remembrance day doesn't seem to have much of an effect of the younger generations here.
That's one of the reasons I'm so greatful to have this opportunity to see another culture and the way they do things, it helps show you the good and bad of where you come from.

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