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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Project Week

I've gotten a little behind with updating so I'm just going to try and back track on the past weeks and tell everyone what I've been up too.
I am currently on my October break, since in Germany they don't get as long of a summer they throw in random breaks. I'm just finishing the first week of vacation, but before vacation our last week of school is what they call project week.
I'm still not very sure what project week actually means, I think it's just based on doing some major project based on your profile. For my class since it's a sports profile the students had to teach the 8th class twice. The group i went with just did a class in the gym, playing things like dodgeball, soccer, handball. Then on the second lesson it was a class of just fitness training. For the next two days I would come to school around nine, just sit around in the classroom, maybe take a walk to get a coffee, then usually leave around noon. On these two days we didn't have teachers there, I'm not really sure if anyone actually did any work these days though. So it's easy to say I think my vacation started a week early, and that I rather enjoy when they have project week.

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