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Monday, September 13, 2010

One month in Germany

Sorry it's been awhile since i've posted anything, my computer was being difficult so i was without it for a couple days, and had some busy past couple of weeks. So here is what i've been up to.
Saturday the fourth was the rotary clubs oldie night, where Karmen and I were making/serving coffee all night. It was a fundraiser for the club in the ice house they call it, kindof looked like an empty greenhouse though. It was a really good night, we met allot more of the rotary members, and got a better chance to talk to them. It was funny though whenever people found out i was from Canada they would automatically start speaking french to me. It's probably a good thing i did that french immerssion for so long, or I would be extar confused with languages here. On Sunday I went and played tennis with Freddy again, and no matter how many times i try to play i still can't develop a liking to that sport. That may be due to the fact I really suck at it, and send every second ball flying over the fence. After tennis i went with Karmen and the Backes into Hamburg to go on a boat tour through the harbour. It reminded me of being in Seattle again with all the big cargo ships. All the houses along the harbour are gorgeous though, they have a very diverse mix of the old and new.
We had a really short week of school that week since thursday and friday we went on a class bike trip. Yeah they can just cancel class for two days on the excuse they believe the students need to bond since they'll be together for the next three years. It ended up being a fun two days though, we stayed over night at a youth hostel in some small town, but it let us get to know and met some of the kids we hadn't talk to much.
Friday the 3rd i went with my host family to a Wild west play at the outdoor theater in Ahrensburg. Even though it was all in German it was really fun to watch, it's in a big outdoor stadium you could almost call it, and the horses ride through the crowds, and they had lots of stunts of people flying through the air. Something i would've expected to see in Alberta but insead got to see in Germany. Saturday i went to Bad Oldesloe with Charlin to visit the shop her mom works at there and go to a fabric store to pick out some fabric for purses. We stopped at a cafe there and the lady next to us in line heard Charlin talking english to me and started asking her if i was an exchange student and where from. Turns out she was hosting an exchange student from the US through rotary as well, so we sat down and had coffee with them. That day was also the 700 year anniversary of Jersbek, and I went with the family to the festival where there was the biggest cake i've ever seen. This cake was pulled in on a seperate trailer behind a car.That night Charlin, Tessa, and I went into Hamburg to go to the festival around the lake and to watch the fireworks show. This is a festival that happens every summer around the small lake inside of Hamburg. There was tons of stands set up all around the lake, and different kinds of music being played on all the stages.
School has been getting pretty boring, I just sit there for most classes trying to stay awake while they're all talking. Here in Germany they do barely any written work, everything is done is class discussions, so there's no way i can do any work right now. So i sit in class and read my book, or do some doodling, and the teachers don't even care. It's a pretty nice change.
This past weekend i went into Hamburg with Gisella Backes and Karmen at night to go to the Planten Blumen i think it was called. It's one of the many parks in Hamburg and the special thing about this one is that every night there is a live music played. This music is a bit different though, there are two people one play the water organ, and the other playing the lights piano i believe it was. There two mix together and create a giant fountain show with lights. It was gorgeous to watch, and even the rain didn't ruin it for us. The following day Karmen and i went into Hamburg with some people from school to do some shopping. One peice of advice if you ever go to Hamburg, don't go shopping on a Saturday. It is way to busy that you won't ever get a change room, line ups for the tills take forever, it's just not fun shopping. It was nice to be in a big city again, and to hang out with some people our own age who speak english. The next day was another Hamburg day, I went in again with Gisella and Karmen to go watch a hockey game! The Hamburg Freezers, with the fans this team has you would think they were amazing, they had cheerleaders and a marching band, and everyone is dressed up in there jerseys. But I think lethbridges triple A team could beat them. It was still allot of fun to watch though, made me feel at home watching some hockey, and allot of the players are old WHL, and NHL players.
That is the basics of what I've been up to for the past couple weeks, hopefully next time I won't take as long to post, and I'll be putting pictures up soon for everyone too see.
Tomorrow will officially mark me being in Germany for one month!

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