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Monday, September 20, 2010

It's misting not raining

I have now learned that sleeping with my bedroom window open is not a good idea, being woken up by cows mooing very early in the morning isn't the best way to start your morning. Also that it rains allot in Northern Germany and even though I'm used to the cold, my immune system doesn't like the rain so much. I spent all of last week at home with Bronchitis, one month in Germany and my immune system is dying, not a great sign. On the weekend though I was feeling a bit better and got to get out a bit atleast on Saturday and Sunday.
Ssaturday I was working for my host father at a giant exchange fair at the other high school. It amazed me too see how many different opportunities they have to go on exchanges here, I now understand why it's so common. I believe that there had to have been over 30 or 40 different companies that all were involved with student exchanges. The funny thing was that most of the stand too involved exchanges to Canada. Well Karmen and I were walking around looking at all the different stand we met a man from Brazil who worked for a company and got talking to him, he was really friendly and fluent in a ton of languages. It ended up being a pretty funny conversation since he was always switching between German, english, portugese and even sometimes french. He did tell me though that Canada is his favorite place to send exchange students since Canadians are so friendly, which is always nice to hear.
After the fair Charlin, Freddy, Karmen and I all went bowling together and the very small bowling alley in Bargteheide. I never knew there was games in bowling, other than just tossing the ball down the lane trying to knock over the most pins. We played a game that actually ended up being pretty fun, you just needed to knock over more pins than the person before and after you, or slowly a coffin would be built for you. It sounds weird, and I don't know how to explain it, but it ended up being a pretty fun night.
The next morning I woke up bright and early to go into Hamburg with the Backes and Karmen to the fish market. Walking through I felt as if I was back in Seattle at the fish market, it was pretty amazing to see though. It was a cold day, but the market was still filled with people out buying fish, clothes, candy, fruit, and a lot of other things. There was also a giant hall that they have live music in, it was funny going in there around nine in the morning and seeing people with giant beers in there hands. Then you realize they haven't been home from the discos yet and are just trying to hold of the hangover. It did prompt for some good amusement though watching the dance floor.
After the fish market closed we headed over to the Hamburg Rathause, which means city hall, but in Hamburg it also happens to be a parliment. The building was amazing, most of it was all hand carved wood work, and large marble stair cases and pillars. It defenitely puts any Canadian city hall to shame.
I'm really excited for this week, I have my first live German soccer game wednesday, and off to our first orientation with all the other exchange students Friday!

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