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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring is here!

Spring has officially hit Germany, and so far I am loving it; especially when I hear how the weather is back in Lethbridge. It hasn't been to crazy warm, a few days close to 20 though. However along with that warm weather we do still get our rainy days, that I am finally getting used to.
I did manage to get out and enjoy the nice days we had. Luckily they all fell on the saturday, and sundays so I was able to go out to the Baltic Sea with my host sister and some of her friends. We spent some time lying on the beach soaking up the sun, but avoided the water; it was a bit chilly. I can't wait for summer and even warmer weather, I am hoping to learn how to kite board before coming back. We will see how that goes, since it has been a few years since I walkboarded.
Here are some photos oh the beach we went to.

 More to come soon, hope everyone back home is enjoying the snow

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